Christmass 2017 Trends

Christmass 2017 Trends

Christmas 2017: What are the trends?

Want to get out of the pack with a unique and trendy Christmas deco? We have been doing some research and because we love you, we have to share. Follow our suggestions for stylish and audacious holidays that will make everyone jealous.

What color is fashion this year? What style should you opt for you Christmas table? Christmas tree: artificial or natural?  How to embellish your outdoor? We are about to answers all your questions. DIY, natural atmosphere, modern look or even futuristic design, festive or glamorous shade, colorful Xmass tree... We are decoding the 2017 trends for you. This is like Christmas coming early!


Xmass 2017 is focused on the magic and the reaching of a delightful moment of release.

Like ever years, the Xmass holiday means special moment with family and sharing. In

Tous les ans, les fêtes de fin d'année sont des moments privilégiés pour être ensemble et se retrouver. And In the very turbulent climate we are living in, Christmas offer a real let go and a good excuse to celebrate, to enjoy ourselves and people we like and to restore our faith in humanity. This year Christmas is mixed between tradition and fantasy. In design word, this duality can be found through classic or « funnier » atmosphere.

No matter if interior is built around traditional values or more moderns’ inspiration, this year’s Christmas will be filled with affective. We spend time to decorate, we pamper our close family and friend with nicely packed present, we create a customized xmass table and make sure to choose the best products for our holiday’s diner. In brief, Christmas is a big deal; we take this matter seriously and at the same time want to bring it to life with a hint of surprise and fantasy.


Christmas 2017 keys trends

If some trends from last years are back, in 2017 they are twist with some fantasy touch. A touch eclectic, Christmas atmosphere are mixing reliable values, contemporaries inspirations, traditional symbols and whimsical elements.  We also can observe a trend to mix cheap and expensive or chic.

Natural ambiance. In 2017, a natural, clean and open ambiance is still favored. Sometimes it take inspiration from Scandinavian decoration, its light shade and minimalism, sometimes is more rustic, finding its inspiration in the old country side houses. This year, the natural trend is less basic. We tend to multiply wood elements accessorized with funny items such as as animal figurines or fake snow.


A colorful and bohemian Christmas. According to the expert our wish for sunny day and daily life routine escape is translated into our Christmas decoration. Cactus, ethic motif or even flamingo birds stands next to each other in a rather surrealist atmosphere…

A fantastique and futuristic Christmas. Spacecraft ship, starry sky, unicorn, robes, silver shades, digital candles.., no, you are not dreaming. The space and mythical decoration have storms our Christmas interior. Back to the future paired with a mythical travel full of fantasy that will make you feel like a child again.


Classic Christmas “twisted. This year the traditional Christmas look is going to be wilder. We keep classical codes like the biscuit on the table and muted shades, and we add more modern and trendy elements to it such as velvet and metallic colors. In order to enhance this classical look, we see more and more people adding lucky charms. “Peacocks feathers also add a fancy touch to the traditional ambiance” says an expert.


2017 Christmas colors

For the Natural deco Forget about red. You’ll prefer warm amber tones to it, as well and orange-ish, inspired by autumn that you’ll softer with some lighter colors of your choice.


For the bohemian deco, play on the multicolor and summery motif. Happy tone and tropical motif.

For a modern and futuristic deco, opt for a turquoise blue, silver and iridescent color. They are pretty trendy at the moment.


Regarding the classical deco, its bets on mutes and glamorous shades such as navy blue and burgundies red, that will be enlighten by some golden touches for example.


Coming this Christmas :

Still ignore by the public but more and more appreciate by decoration, some trends are making their first steps in 2017 and start to stand out.
Kitsch is declined around off the wall thematic. The kitsch trend plays with clichés. And that is how Vintage Pull-over with dubious print and old-fashion or out of measure deco takes over more traditional looks for a look that combine a sense of humor and self-mockery.
Vintage Style. With its fabric cherub figurine and its glass Christmas bauble, 70’s Christmas decoration is back on the line. We can picture ourselves walking in a back alley fleas market looking for that rare and perfect vintage item that will give a charming retro atmosphere to our interior during the holiday.



A festive table filled with delicious food for Christmas 2017

This year the Christmas does not fear to do too much. On white traditional table cloths, table runners and sets multiply for a typically festive table. In 2017, Christmas table is set with your family. Everyone is helping and we craft decoration items ourselves. This year the trend is spreading sparkles all over the table. It will add light and transform a boring table decoration into an exciting one.


DIY for a unique and customized decoration

Because Christmas is all about sharing and spending quality time with your loved ones, it is naturally that DIY and Homemade are getting trendier. This year, you’ll prepare Christmas a bit ahead and your kids with love it. Create Advent calendar, Christmas crown etc.

Tip: Creating things by yourself is not only fun and a nice hobby but also a way to save some money and there is no limit other than your imagination to what you can create.


Christmas tree: natural or artificial ?

This is totally up to you. For the one who wants a decoration close to the nature you’ll choose an authentic tree, same for traditional deco. An artificial tree will suit perfectly a bohemian deco when a natural tree will be off set.

In both case you can use silver spray to make you tree shine.


Don’t forget about your entrance

In 2017, we decorate our entrance. If Christmas lights are still trendy, this year the outdoor decoration focused on your doorstep. Opt for the traditional crown enhanced with sparkles to adorn your door. It is magical.


We hope this article has been inspirational and we wish you a merry Christmas (a bit early? :p)