Halloween Must Have

Halloween Must Have

Halloween is coming really fast by now and we hope you are all already ready. To help you make you you did not forget anything important, we prepared an Halloween Must Have Checklist for you.
Halloween is not only about having the best costume but also about it's msterious atmosphere where the smell of pumpkin pie, cinnamon and leafs all mixed together for a unic perfum.


Importance to details

  • Dummy blood

Factice blood is ideal to easily create a scary and bloody make up. Vampire, Zombie and Nurse loves it but there is no limits to its use. Unfortunately we don't have it at the moment.


Which ever beast you wanna be, long fang looks great and are pretty easy to use. You could be a cat dreaming of taking the world over, a lazy and cute panda, a sexy vampire/werewolf (no, no we did not watch Twillight..only heard about it) or a terrible demon.. The only thing is that you might sound funny when talking.



  • Dummy Blood Capsule

If you ever wanted to be a Tarentino Hero those capsule are your ultimate ally. Once again the possibility with this item are pretty unlimited and you can turn a cute princess into a terrible human flesh eater. Unfortunately, thoses capsules are currently not on our shelves :(


  • Fake scars

Every scars tells a story and sometimes we are pretty proud about it. If you dont have scars, not a problem, we are covering your back, no need to cut yourself to look super cool this halloween (or at any time). They are easy to apply and give your disguisment a really elaborate style.


Sometimes a mask is all you need to scared the hell out of someone. Expecially when this mask is well known all over the word. Forget about killer clown, they are way to mainstream and opt for the basic: Jason. Add a basball batt and you are ready.


We did not forget Game of Thrones Fan! How could we, after all winter is coming in our world too and what would be an halloween with out a zombie maker who possess a undead dragon? Badass right!


Why a cloak? Well they are mysterious and super cool. They come from the medieval age and will be ideal to cover up your shoulder during this long and cold halloween nigth. The bad guy and heroes always have a great cloak and they look super cool wearing it. You could be Dark Vador, a witch, a princess, a vampire, a dark lord, a powerfull mage, a kiddo from a witch school, a little girl coming out a fairy tail etc...




Halloween atmosphere

I remember how I loved this period of the years as a kid. We were going into the wook pick up some oak gland to turn them into little animal. I remember the striking color of the leafs that were contrasting with the sad and grey sky, the smells of the wet ground and finally when halloween come, there was this one house shinning in orange shades and surrounded by skelletons and spider web. When you were brave enough to go there ask for treats, this creepy lady with her long nose full of gruessome verruca (who could have been cast to play snow white witch) was openning the door and inviting you into her horror house of candy for a... sweat sweat time. This lady was actually working in a candy factory and was the nicest person in town. I wish I was still a kid when I think about her. Long story short to remind you that having a great disguise is great but to creat the perfect halloween atmosphere is as important if not more.



To illumintate the path to your house and keep the beat away. They will create a warn automnal atmosphere.


This will be perfect to introduce the halloween ambiance into your house. Our suggestion, when kids, come, display a bunch of treats on a table, turn of your light and illuminate your interrior with this fairy light.


Prepare some treatbox for your favorite kiddo, they will appreciate the gesture, after all halloween is all about the kids having fun :)


To finish our list, not the cheapest item but definitely our favorite. Who hasn’t freak out at the sight of a scarecrow? It is a consistent “hero” of our beloved horror movie, remember Jeepers creepers? We do...



Get ready for the scariest night of the year and don’t forget to carved a pumpkin it is extremely important, this is in fact the number 1 of the Halloween must.