Secret Santa Gift

Secret Santa Gift

If you are like us you probably have an incoming Christmas party at the office. Often Christmas party goes with secret Santa. Secret Santa means you gonna have to buy a gift to someone you don’t necessarily know or even appreciate but you still want play the game and make sure you’ll have fun.

We prepared a little list to help you find the perfect gift and we prefer to warn you now, we’ve watched the Office at least 3 times so there might be some references and caricaturists lame jokes.

Let’s start:

1) Cup Heater:
We agree that it looks a little bit childish but tea and coffee drinker will love it.


2) Christmass Beard Baubles: 

Because the company is broke, the party committee could not buy a real tree this year, what a shame. Do not worry this is an excellent Plan B and a perfect gift for a beard man. Yes it is, do not argue with us please.

3) USB Stick:
To the dorky guy save (suspicious) picture on his work computer. Save his ass, give him a usb sitck, so there will be no proof left on its work computer. Yes, we assume he likes DBZ… Do not judge us…

4) Ultra-Dupa Cute Phone Case:
To that cat person that needs to relax a bit. More efficient than a fidget spinner and will not grind your gears :p.


5) Magnets:To the little genius (and clown) that is pretty good with his hands and has too much time for himself. We hope this will help him to perfect his pranks.


6) Mini-Golf:To the guy that always seems to be bored and looks like he has nothing to do or to the ones that spend 50 min a days in the restroom.

 7) Rein Deer Hat:
If you want to embarrassed the shy guy (or girl which is not socially accepted so be ready to  face the fury of her friend) that always sits in the corner and also have a great game to play during this (boring) Christmas party. You are welcome (BTW you are not cool, that is not easy to be shy.


8) Belly Beer Fanny Pack
To the father of beer, May the beer belly always be with him (If you were wondering, yes our jokes are lame, and yes we laugh at them)


9) Camera Lens Mug:

Any photograph in there? You’ll love see his face when pouring coffee in an expensive camera lens.


10) Bottle Opener:

If you too have a Meredith in the office it might be an interesting idea. (Meredith aka the single mom that likes alcohol a little too much in The Office US). If so she (or he) might like this bottle opener. For the uncultivated, go watch the office right now, you’ll love it!
NB: Do not offer to violent peoples, they might believe they are the joker.



11) Christmas Led Cushion:

To the mom of the office, she is always nice with you and she has this protecting instinct you really love. Also a great grat for that girl who is wearing Christmas outfit from mid-November.


12) Fruit Slice Cushion:

To that co-worker that always complain about his/her chair and tell you that you eat too much junk and you should try fruits sometimes. Don’t worry; we agree with you, everything is better with butter.


13) A mug that send a really clear message:

For that annoying co-worker that always use your mug! The picture says it all.


14) Jewelry Set:

For the cute girl that is wearing different accessories every day and is kind of mysterious, actually you have a crush on her. Promise, we will not tell anybody.

15) Wireless Charger:

For the connected guy.  He is so connected His life run on his phone battery…



Hopefully you are now ready for your office Christmas party. We Wish you a lot of fun and hope you will forgive us for our lame jokes.