Student’s survival kit

Student’s survival kit

Here is our student’s survival kit and trust us, we now what we are talking about: Crowded collocation, old smelly flat, noisy flatmates and neighbor, instant noodle every day.



To Keep your coffee warm, you’ll need it. Good luck with finals and cold.



If you gotta eat instant noddle and drink coffee powder, you better get a kettle asap


Electric sandwich maker:

You’ll need some calories to survive the winter as your landlord asked you not to use the heater. Bonus: The process will create some heat while preparing you a delicious grilled cheese sandwich.

You can also go for a toaster. We personally cannot live without it.


A desk Lamp:

Very important to succeed in your laborious study, it will put you in the mood, also if you are kinda scared of the dark, it might be your best ally.



An efficient alarm clock:

You are going to tell me you can just use your phone but we found you the perfect alarm clock. It is equiped with a voice control and super design.


A shower curtain that reflect your personality and make you smile:

Ok, let’s agree that this one is not necessary to your survival as a student but you must admit that you’ve always wanted that cute and funny shower curtain every time you went to Ikea as a kid. And if you take a shower every day (we hope so), you’ll smile at least one time a day. It is all about making your life happier


Wall stickers and wall decoration

Your cheap rent bedroom has had a life before you and you’d prefer to forget about it? Buy some cheap stickers online or some nice design fabric you can hang on the wall.

Tips: If you are living in a cold area, the fabric on the wall will make them less cold.



Perfume candle:

To create a romantic atmosphere when your crush comes over and also to cover that weird smell that won’t go away.


An external hardrive and other USB key:

Because, and we will never say it enough you got to have many copy of your essay and research. Also you might (accidentally of course) not wake up one day and have to ask you class mate for his note.

Student life is also full of joy and loads of memories so better save them.


A sturdy camera:

Talking about picture you are going to need a camera that will survive your crazy adventure. You don’t want to kill your phone, don’t you? Nowadays most of the phones are waterproof but are they beer proof? Mine was not…


A mug:

Using your thermos in class is one thing but there is no better feeling than a hot beverage in a nice mug. Leaving with other people and tired that people are using your mug, no worries, we got the perfect item for you (Fuck mug)



A note book:

We all like having a new note book, the smell, the look of freshness, the feeling that we are going to kick ass and succeed in every class… Beside, even though you are most likely typing your note on a laptop, you’ll always need some paper and the model we got you is pretty magic ;).


Are you ready for your new journey?


PS:  be reasonable but not too much ;)