Winter is on its way

Winter is on its way

It might be possible that you haven’t realized it yet but we autumn is already here and at this speed we will soon be trying to find a way in the snow. Ok, ok maybe we are a bit exaggerating  on this one but autumn does means the chilly weather is about to set in with its grey sky and days getting shorter and shorter, in brief not necessarily the best new ever… Better get ready now to deal with winter and we have some tips for you

To be sure not to forget anything we wrote the ultimate anti-cold and anti-blue and you can of course find all this little thing on our website:


A good hot bath:

  • With some candle
  • Ambiance bath light/Lamp
  • A soft bathmats


Put on the perfect anti-cold outfit

  • One piece Pajamas
  • A fluffy, soft and warm pair of sock
  • Heating slipper


Prepare yourself a hot chocolate

  • In a XXL mug


Curl up in the sofa:

  • With a heating cushion
  • A hotpack
  • A fluffy and soft blanket



Take a nice bath:

Let’s start by this ultimate anti cold and relaxing ritual: Relax in a warm bath

(If you don’t have a bathtub…We feel you... sorry)

What is better than chilling in a warm water after a long day freezing your toes? In order to make this moment even better, we are suggesting you to add this few elements:

  • A candle

This is The must to create a cozy and cocooning atmosphere, especially when taking a bath. We will never say it enough but be careful with hot wax you don’t wanna ruin this magic moment :p

We are sorry, this one is not available at the moment :(


  • A bath light

We never think of this one and yet it is awesome and creates a colorful ambiance. (And for once, you are not going to struggle to find the bathtub plug)

We are sorry, this one is not available at the moment :(

Because you don’t want to freeze your feet on the bathroom floor nothing better than a fluffy bathtub mat.


Put on the perfect anti-cold outfit

After the bath you’ll have to work on your evening outfit.  You should not be lightly dressed in the winter cold or you might end with a cold… You’ll need a warn pajamas, thick socks and nice pair of slipper.

YES, we said one piece outfit, you read it right, an integral pajamas. A Pajamas that will not allow any breeze to get in and that will keep you warn all night long, also this is super cute.


Even though this awesome pajamas covers your feet, let’s be honest a nice pair of sock will never be too much.


If you are also victim of frozen toes, you’ll love those slippers. Once you’ll have put them on, just go on and do whatever you want! You are safe.



Prepare yourself a hot chocolate

Now that you are warm and comfortable with you outfit, direction sofa to enjoy the rest of the evening. But before that, prepare yourself a hot chocolate (chamomile is great too!). Notre Small tip for you: Hot chocolate, because it contain more calories than tea, will make your body create more heat ;)


The size makes it all, the bigger the better: p



Curl up in the sofa:

It is now time to snuggle on the sofa with the last best seller novel in your hands or your favorite TV show displaying on your TV. To be even cozier you can also add some extra pillow, a hot pack and an nice, soft and cute blanket.


Unfortunately not all of us are the happy owner of a cozy sofa but no worries we have a solution! By adding some soft fluffy cushion you can turn your old sofa into the perfect chilling spot.


The variety of hot pack nowadays is incredible. You can go with the old style water hot pack, will fill your heart will load of childhood memories, very sweat. Here, we have a new favorite ^-^, an electric hot pack for your feet.




The sofa nap is one of the best feeling ever and to make it perfect you’ll need a nice blanket. Opt for a soft blanket that will make you feel like you are in Morpheus arms. We got this awesome mermaid plaid, with it you’ll never have to worry again about your feet getting cold.


If getting all this anti-cold (awesome) tips is not enough to keep you away from the winter blues then there it not much more we can do for you.. !